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Rich Girl Manifestation

Swirl Pillar Candle Sets

Swirl Pillar Candle Sets

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Discover the elegance of Rich Girl Manifestation's Swirl Pillar Candles, available in three sizes to beautifully accentuate any space with sophistication and warmth.

  • Mini Swirl Candle (2.5" x 2.5"): Perfect for adding a subtle, luxurious touch to smaller spaces or complementing other decor pieces with its enchanting swirl pattern.

  • Petite Swirl Candle (3" x 2.5"): Ideal for creating a serene atmosphere in cozy nooks or as a refined accent on shelves and in bathrooms, offering a soft, ambient glow.

  • Grand Swirl Candle (3.5" x 3.5"): Make a bold statement with this larger candle, designed to be a striking centerpiece in living rooms, dining tables, or foyers, its dramatic swirl design enhancing the room's elegance.

Crafted from premium wax for a clean burn, our Swirl Pillar Candles come in a selection of refined colors, casting a warm, inviting light and adding a unique, artistic touch to your decor.

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