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Love Affirmation Cards | 25 printable cards, manifest love affirmation cards

Love Affirmation Cards | 25 printable cards, manifest love affirmation cards

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25 affirmation cards to Manifest Love: Attract your soul-mate. The process of manifesting love is not just about visualizing your ideal partner but also about aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your desired outcome. By taking time each day to focus on these affirmations, you can align your thoughts and attract your desired partner. They are the perfect accompaniment to our Soulmate Attraction Plan Guided Journal.

Affirmation cards are a fantastic tool to help us reprogram our brains. When we take a moment to focus on something that betters our mental or physical health, we give ourselves the change to grow and change. Daily affirmations are a great addition to your daily wellness routine and these cards will help prompt you throughout your journey.



šŸ“Œ Daily Draw - Pick one affirmation to read first thing in the morning, at various points in the day, and before bed.

šŸ“Œ Weekly Draw - Pick an affirmation to use as a guide for your week. Reflect on how certain themes come up for you throughout the week

šŸ“Œ Journal Prompts - Use these cards for daily journaling or mindful minute meditation journaling


āœ… 25 beautifully designed affirmation cards

āœ… 5" x 7" AND 2.5" x 3.5" sizes included

āœ… Instant PDF download

āœ… Use as a printed document or on your device or computer



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